HotSpots Services


The pen is mightier than the sword, and we have a lot of pens. From the initial engagement to the final second of your creative we will massage your message until it is ready for air. Our on staff creative team can take your idea from concept to story board to final script. Wherever your spot is intended to air on the radio, the TV, or the worldwide web our team will make it specific to that medium. We will give it the flare it needs to stand out and be noticed.


With award winning engineers, editors and directors of photography, on our team we can produce your creative needs in house. That allows for quick turn around and high standards to co-exist for our clients. We make your spots stand out within the medium of choice. Every step of the production process is put into your spots, Music, Graphics, Sound Design, Audio Mixing/Finishing, Creative Radio Production, Audio Content Creation, Voice Casting your spot is in good hands.

Print/Collateral Design

From clean and simple to crazy and wild we can design a Logo, brochure, or a web friendly attachment. Simplicity works our style involves taking a strong concept and translating it as boldly and simply as possible into a clean, effective aesthetic. It’s not easy to do simple things but we believe it’s the best way to communicate a message. And our designers communicate in multiple languages.

Media Buying

Numbers stats numbers stats numbers…what do they mean. We can actually tell you. The best creative still won’t work if your spot is not playing to the right people. Our people can get your message to the right place at the right time with the right CPM, PPM, SOV, PPC, CPC….wait what’s that? Give us a call we can explain it to you so you don’t have to learn all the lingo.

Online Marketing

If you asked 100 people what online marketing is you would get 100 different answers. There are millions of ways to advertise on the web, we don’t do all of them. Because we don’t think you need all of them. Some of the things we do and do well are listed below.

Digital Media

Here we go again what is digital media. Well what we see it as is any traditional media Radio, TV (video) but done on line. So Pandora, Spotify, Hulu, and Youtube are good examples of some of the digital media platforms that are available. We can help you navigate what is the best one for your business, if any.


No PPC is not a Post Script and should not be an afterthought. Pay Per Click ads are a good way to drive web traffic right to you…if you know how to use them. You can’t just through money at a search engine and expect it to work. You have to have the right search terms, the right ad and the right placement and the right budget. It’s a science but you shouldn’t experiment give us a call.


Search Engine Optimization the three biggest letters on the web…SEO. You built your sight it, looks great and it’s cool and you’re proud of it. But if no one comes to visit… is it working? Having a nice website without continued SEO is like designing a fabulous catalogue… and then not mailing it to anyone. So Mail your website and hire someone to do your SEO so that people will order from your website.